Photo Gallery


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Mardi Gras at the Ponus!

A few pictures form the kids Christmas Party!


December Bottle Painting Class! Another GREAT night! Thanks for coming Ladies!


Halloween 2017


Bottle Painting Class October 16th!

Thank you, Helen Collins, for being such a GREAT teacher and to all the ladies who came out to have fun! Planning our next class soon!! Sponsored by the Entertainment committee

Some Random pictures at the Ponus!

Patrick Kelly celebrates with friends! Congratulations on your promotion to Major in the Marine corps! Thank you for your service! Hoo Rah!


Random car show pictures



2017-07-05 19.56.232017-06-07 17.47.37

2017-06-21 19.43.43

2017-05-31 19.17.05

2017-05-31 18.34.26

2017-07-05 17.11.06


Thank you,

Doug Alderman for building it!

Morgan our Manager for painting! 

Helen Collins for the fabulous art work!



2017-06-14 20.45.53


2017-05-17 16.30.50

2017-05-31 18.27.34

2017-06-14 19.02.24



Easter egg hunt!!!



First Ponus Painting Party!

Ponus Yacht Club Members and Guests Enjoying PYC

Have a picture to post here? Please send to PONUSPICTURES@GMAIL.COM

Cruise Night July 20th

car show mike

IMG_1298IMG_1294IMG_1282IMG_1281car show 3car show 2car show 1

July 6th Car Show


Rob car show

IMG_1129tommy car Show




Great Job Rob and Morgan!

Car Show

Hannah Halstrom in Iceland

Hannah Halstrom in Iceland

Halloween Fun

photo 5photo 1(1)photo 4photoIMG_8087imagejpeg_0(2)imagejpeg_0(1)photo 4(1)imagejpeg_0(3)imagejpeg_0(5)photo 2(1)photo 2

Kids snapper tournament

imagejpeg_0 IMG_20150912_112324674_HDR

Dancing on the deck!

photo 1photo 3

photo 2

2017-06-21 19.43.43

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